American History 1

1760’s-1865, pre-Revolutionary War through
the end of the Civil War



Tutor Name:  Francis Arthur

Course Name:  American History 1 (High School)

Required Texts:
A History of US, Books 2-6, 3rd Edition (or comparable editions)
Publisher: Oxford University Press


Copy Fee: $20

Minimum Number of Students: 6

Maximum Number of Students: 

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Course Description/Outline/Objectives: 
This class will cover the history of our nation from the 1760’s-1865, pre-Revolutionary War through the end of the Civil War. By taking a full year to study this 100+ year period, we can learn about more than the timeline of events. We’ll discuss the leaders whose names most students know as well as the “regular people” who were affected by the decisions of those in charge. Not only will we learn what happened, but we’ll also explore how it happened and why it happened.

Students will compare the events of this time period to others, learning the phrase “History doesn’t repeat itself, people repeat history.” They will learn the importance of knowing history rather than becoming one doomed to repeat it. We’ll talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly in our national history. Students will be strongly encouraged to actively participate in discussions. Because I am a Christian and believe that God ordained the foundation of this country, I know no other way to teach it than from that perspective.

Expected Weekly Time Commitment for Homework: 5-7 per week, depending on reading level of child

Prerequisites: None, however a Middle School knowledge of World History is helpful.

Recommended Grade Level:  9th-12th

Rate for Additional Private Tutoring: 

Books or Documents Read in Entirety (recommend purchasing):