Educational Philosophy

There are lots of options when it comes to education. The Discipleship Tutorial has the following educational philosophy:

  1. Discipleship centered. Unless God builds it, our labor is in vain. A growing relationship with God, and the ability to see Him at work in the world around us is more important than any specific course knowledge we can instill in students.
  2. Skills focused. Skills are more important than knowledge. Every student from any academic route will graduate with some gaps in his/her academic education, and the specific knowledge required for trade school, college and/or work will ultimately be covered in that respective setting. With this in mind we are focused on developing the skillset necessary to acquire the knowledge a student will need at the time it is needed. Towards this end the tutors will strive to design their courses to develop students with the following skills:
    1. A competency and passion for reading
    2. The ability to articulate oneself effectively and persuasively through written and spoken communication
    3. A diligent work ethic paired with a servant heart
    4. The tools to be skilled self-teachers, familiar with the broad range of resources available to students to learn new material and comfortable with their use. This especially incorporates a comfort with and responsible use of the wide range of technological resources available to today’s generation
  3. Integrated Applications. Knowledge training will heavily emphasize application and integration, purposefully helping students see the connection between what the student is learning and applicable life scenarios where that knowledge would be applied. Class subjects do not exist in a vacuum, and wherever possible the subject material will be taught with a cross-discipline perspective to help students develop the ability to see the relevance of what they are learning and make applications of what they learn.