Daily Tuesday Schedule

NOTE: This is the schedule for the tutorial as a whole. You can choose to register for as many or as few classes as you like, so your schedule will be determined by how many classes you sign up for. 

Students are required to come for either School Prayer Time in the mornings or Discipleship Study Lunch if taking 1-2 classes, both if taking 3+ classes unless an exception is granted by the DT Board.

8:00-8:15        Arrival / Setup

8:15-9:00        School Prayer Time

9:00-9:55       1st Period

10:00-10:55    2nd Period

11:00-11:55     3rd Period

12:00-12:40    Discipleship Study Lunch

12:40-1:00      Free Time/Fellowship

1:05-2:00       4th Period

2:05-3:00      5th Period

3:03-4:00      6th Period / Tear Down

4:15-5:15       7th Period