Our Mission

The mission of the Discipleship Tutorial is to provide academic, college-preparatory instruction in an environment that is intentionally Christ-centered and discipleship-focused.

The tutorial meets one day a week on Tuesdays and holds classes for grades 5 through 12, with tutors who are academically qualified, passionate teachers who have hearts for discipling. Classes are offered in rotation that cover the full extent of requirements for high school graduation in Tennessee, provided there is sufficient demand for the classes. Each class provides focused instruction on key points of the subject matter, targeted guidance for what and how the student can learn throughout the week, the opportunity for group discussion of the material, and inspiration from the teacher on how to connect what is being learned with our daily life and our walk with Christ.

The Discipleship Tutorial is NOT a school. We are a parent-directed means for homeschool families to utilize experienced tutors for advanced subject material. The parent is the ultimate director of the child’s education, both by selecting classes/tutors that the parents deem best suited for their child’s needs and by assignment of the ultimate grades for the students. Academically the tutorial is a way for you to bring in experienced tutors into your homeschool experience at a fraction the cost of private tutoring.

The academic requirements for the Discipleship Tutorial do not generally work well for students requiring remedial work. We do have some students who have learning challenges, and welcome those students, but require heavy parental involvement and discussion of each situation in the initial interview. Students are expected to be self directed, especially in high-school.

While the tutorial is Christ-centered and discipleship focused, we are cautious to try to avoid doctrinal differences. Our tutors come from multiple denominations, and we endeavor to allow an atmosphere for us to grow spiritually without encroaching on areas that would create division.