Fee Structure

The Discipleship Tutorial has a slightly different fee structure from other tutorials you may have looked at. For our vision to work, our tutors must be committed beyond just their classes with requirements for them to be involved in Family Prayer Time, Discipleship Bible Study Lunches and other programs. We have to have tutors that can pour themselves into the students beyond simply teaching the class (while simultaneously being great at that as well!).

Towards that end, we have a tiered fee structure that helps us retain our tutors and encourages larger classes. The base fee is $10 per week ($320 per year) per class for full time students taking 5-6 classes, which increases if students take fewer classes (there is a discount for families with multiple students). We are glad to work on the cost structure if it is an issue for you. For full cost details see our cost breakdown below:

Number of Classes







Cost for Classes*

$384 ($384/class) 

$768 ($384/class)

$1,056 ($352/class)

$1,408 ($352/class)

$1,600 ($320/class)

$1,920 ($320/class)

Total Admin/Reg**







Final Cost***







* Note that the cost for classes does NOT include supply/copy costs, which vary by class (see course descriptions for class-specific details). Classes that meet for only one semester (1/2 credit classes) are half of this tuition rate. Class rate and admin depend upon the total number of classes taken by the family, not the individual student (so a family with 2 students each taking 3 classes would get the class rate of $320/class).

** This does NOT includes a $25 March application fee (or $50 April-July application fee), and assumes 1 student. If 2 students add a flat $50 registration fee. If 3+ students add a flat $70 registration fee.

*** Final see above for extra costs for classes/admin. Final cost does not include supply/copy fees, additional registration/new student application, cost of books, or study hall fees ($50 per study hall hour per year/$75 if LEGO robotics study hall).