Dress Code

  • On Tuesdays, we want everyone to be comfortable and to be able to dress with a degree of your fashion personality intact, remembering that we are guests at our host church. Our appearance should never offend the staff or the visitors of our hosts.

  • Please remove hats during prayer and also during class if they are deemed distracting by the tutor or cover a student’s eyes...we want to see all those baby blues, browns, greens and hazels.

  • Clothing with inappropriate logos or slogans, tight or sheer clothing, or bare midriffs are inappropriate.

  • If you stand up straight and hold your arms shoulder high, no skin should be visible at your waist. Apply the “no skin” test to active bending over and sitting down. Undergarments should not be visible through tight or thin fabrics. Necklines should never expose cleavage; apply the “bending over in front of the mirror” test. No stripping to the waist to play sports.

  • Modest sleeveless blouses or shirts are acceptable; strapless shirts are not allowed and tank tops may only be worn under other acceptable garments.

  • Dresses, skirts, and shorts must come no further than two inches above the knee; not only must dresses or skirts come within two inches of the knee, but if the hemline is above the knees, opaque leggings or biker shorts must be worn under them.

  • Leggings are not pants; leggings can only be worn under appropriate length skirts, shorts, or blouses / t-shirts longer than fingertips. Leggings are also not opaque tights.

  • This dress code is in effect for all functions that are directly a part of the tutorial.

Please use common sense and don’t dress in a way that would make others uncomfortable or distract them from their studies.

Electronics Policy

  • You can keep your phones in your backpacks

  • You may NOT have phones out (unless you let an adult know you are calling/texting mom or dad or a tutor allows it for class use, after which it goes back in the backpack)

  • No Headphones (unless approved for study use during a study hall)

  • Laptops Only in Quiet Study Hall (or in class if allowed by tutor) They must always be positioned to be viewable by tutor or study hall monitor.

Have any questions about our policies? See Tricia Vondra or Matthew Bullington