About Our Co-op

Mission: The mission of the Discipleship Co-op is to provide enrichment, support and instruction for elementary school children and their families in an environment that is intentionally Christ-centered and discipleship-focused. 

Overview: The co-op will meet one day a week on Tuesdays at North Boulevard Church of Christ (1112 N Rutherford Blvd, in the Filling Station) and hold classes for grades K-4. The classes will be taught by qualified parents with a passion for teaching and nurturing discipleship. The classes offered will be focused on enrichment, rather than providing core subjects which are taught at home in the early years. Our approach will be hands-on, lighthearted learning, with parental involvement at every step. Our desire is to encourage homeschooling families in their education and in their spiritual journeys. 

The Discipleship Co-op is NOT a school. We are a parent-directed venue for homeschool families to come together for learning and fellowship. The parent is the ultimate director of the child’s education and is responsible for ensuring that their children are meeting the state’s requirements for core education. We are not an umbrella school. 

While the co-op is Christ-centered and discipleship focused, we are cautious to try to avoid doctrinal differences. Our families come from multiple denominations, and we endeavor to allow an atmosphere for us to grow spiritually without encroaching on areas that would create division. 

Enrollment: Co-op enrollment will be limited in scope, and is designed to primarily serve young homeschool families at North Boulevard Church of Christ, children of tutors at Discipleship Tutorial, and younger siblings of Discipleship Tutorial students. Our vision is to nurture young students and prepare them to enter the Discipleship Tutorial in 5th grade. We see the co-op as a place that will foster a love of learning and the love of Christ. 

Cost: We desire to keep the cost of the co-op as affordable as possible. The total cost is $300 per child per year, which includes a $100 membership fee per student (which goes toward admin and facility costs) and a $100 supply fee per child, per semester (which will cover the cost of curriculum and supplies provided by the teachers). Teachers of a class are compensated by allowing one student to enroll for no charge for every class taught.

Nursery and Pre-K childcare: We want to facilitate childcare for as many families as possible so that the parents are free to attend co-op classes with their older children. We will have parents overseeing the childcare, but may also pull in Discipleship Tutorial students to help. The Pre-K class will be mostly free-play, but will include at least 45 minutes of structured learning. The cost will be $100 Membership fee per child per year with a $100 Childcare fee per child per year.

Parents: All parents are expected to be present and actively participate with their children throughout the day. All teachers, assistants and substitute teachers must have a background check on file at North Boulevard. Each family will have a job for setup and teardown to make light work for everyone. Exceptions may be made in the case of Sonshine School teachers and Discipleship Tutorial tutors, and will be decided on a case by case basis.

Lunch: Families can bring their own food or order lunch through Discipleship Tutorial. We will periodically pull in veteran homeschool moms and have a monthly mentorship lunch to provide support, encouragement and discipleship to the younger moms. 

Co-op will end after lunch, but we are open to a one hour enrichment club or P.E. class if the moms are willing to organize it. This way, families that need to leave at 1 pm are free to do so. Families wishing to stay (especially those with children in Sonshine School) are free to organize their own structured activity until 2 pm.

Leadership: Discipleship Co-op will be led by a team of parents and grandparents actively involved in Discipleship Tutorial and/or North Boulevard Church of Christ. Currently on the team are Meagan Bullington (Director/Teacher), Nicola Lewis (Co-Director/Teacher), Katie-Lynn Bohannon (Teacher), Dinah Bullington (Teacher/Mentor), Melanie Speck (Teacher), and Shelly Stanley (Teacher).

Registration: To apply for the co-op, please complete the Registration Form using the link below. You will be placed on a waitlist, and we will notify you if accepted. Space is limited, and priority is given for families of North Boulevard Church and families currently enrolled in Discipleship Tutorial. We will offer a registration day (tentative for July 25th) at which time checks or cash for tuition are due. We allow the option for you to split tuition into 2 payments with the use of post-dated check (first check due July 25th, second due January 1st), but checks for both payments must be turned in at registration and no refunds are given.