The tutors each provide a 32-week lesson plan that is the foundation for the course. Objective daily homework is checked at home under parental supervision. This means that for some classes parents must purchase student texts and teacher’s keys. Subjective grading (such as reports and papers), weekly quizzes, mid-terms and finals are graded by the tutor.

Parents should be the primary disciplers of their teens. The tutorial is designed to help make carving time out for that process easier. Parental involvement will be mandatory and a crucial part of the tutorial structure.

Every parent is expected to serve a certain number of volunteer days, based on how many classes their student is enrolled in. On those days the parents will be helping with lunch or other administrative needs and with security by watching the doors. We are blessed with a great and large facility, but that does end up requiring more parent volunteer time slots. You are welcome to bring younger children. Requirements are as follows (based on total number of classes enrolled for the family):

One Enrolled Class: One full day (or two half-days) and help with one activity

Two Enrolled Classes: Two full days (or four half-days) and help with one activity

Three+ Enrolled Classes: Three full days (or six half-days) and help with one activity

Parents are always welcomed and encouraged to be more involved, including (but not limited to):

Attendance at any/all of the School Prayer Times

Lead a table Discipleship Study Lunch for a quarter

School Prayer Time

To set the tone for the tutorial, morning setup would be followed by a time of intentional prayer for 45 minutes before the first class period.

Parents are encouraged to attend as many of the prayer times as feasible (and their entire families and even guests are welcome), but parents are required to attend one each quarter.

Each prayer time will be led by a tutor, parent and/or visiting guest/minister, and facilitated by the Prayer Coordinator and the parents for the day.

The leader for each week is encouraged to provide either handouts or other directives that families/teens could use for more intentional prayer time on their own throughout the week.

Class Periods

Classes will last 55 minutes, with 5 minutes to change classrooms.

All tutors are encouraged to directly connect the material being taught to their personal walk with Christ.

Direction for what this looks like is up to the individual tutors, but with the understanding that this is expected of every class. At a minimum this can be the incorporation of a verse that is relevant to what is being discussed, but is open to a wide range of options.

Discipleship Study Lunch

We recognizing that a substantial portion of fellowship and discipleship in scriptures center around the sharing of meals, the lunch time at the tutorial will be structured as a time to connect parents, tutors and students through through a coordinated study. All student must attend either lunch or Prayer Time, and all students taking 3+ courses must attend both.


Lunch will be thirty-five minutes long to accommodate this objective.

The students will be divided into assigned tables that will rotate every quarter, including some quarters where the tables will be mixed gender/grades and some quarters where the tables will be with the same gender/grades.

A tutor or parent will head the discussion at an assigned table for each quarter in rotation.

The parents for the day/any parents who can come will also participate in table discussions and lunch.

During the study the table leader and students will eat lunch (either brown bag or part of the group lunch) and go through an intentionally-led Bible study.

The studies will be either be on a theme using a structure set up by the table leader in advance (communicated to the parents).

All students are expected to participate. We ask table leaders to encourage students to be involved, and ask that the leaders scale back their discussion so that the students can have as much opportunity as possible to join in the conversation.

Bible reading plans will often be given to all teens/families at the beginning of the quarter to give a continual framework for Bible study for those who would like to have direction for continual study, and DBS studies may be tied into readings from that week, with students encouraged to read in advance.

The last 30 minutes of lunch is free time, and we encourage the students to use that time for fellowship.

Non-Discriminatory Policy

The Discipleship Tutorial does not discriminate based on race, color, national and ethnic origin.