Dual Enrollment – English                     



Course Name:  Dual Enroll English 1020 - (similar to Freshman English)

Required Text: 

  • *OCTOBER publication date* CITE RIGHT
    by Charles Lipson, 3rd edition,
    ISBN: 978-0226431109.
    Ebook format is also acceptable.

Required Materials:  Something to compose with, either electronic (tablet, phone, laptop) or physical (pen and paper).

Copy Fee:  None, all resources will be provided electronically.  If you do not have internet access, other arrangements can be made.

Minimum Number of Students:  10

Maximum Number of Students:  

Course Description/Outline/Objectives: Discipleship Tutorial is pleased to cooperate with Hope International University to offer a dual enrollment English course live at the tutorial. Students will receive a full high school English credit and a full semester (3 hours) of college credit. Hope International University (HIU) is regionally accredited, and credit does transfer to TN state schools such as MTSU.

We will develop college-level writing skills and apply them in a variety of real-world settings.

More details forthcoming.

Expected Weekly Time Commitment for Homework: Approximately 3 hours

Recommended Grade Level:  11-12th

Rate for Additional Private Tutoring: